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PRISMA Engineering has been working for several years in development of custom testing systems addressed to manufacturer R&D department, factory test, and acceptance test:

- GSM BSS station simulator — A client/server TPC/IP application with MOTIF graphical user interface, based on a UNIX workstation and MULTIBUS II multiprocessor line server.
- E1/T1 Line Server equipment — An industrial PC equipped with line interface cards, switch matrix, HDLC channels, managed with the QXN operating system; it is devoted to both project development and GSM network element testing.
- Bus adapter for stand-alone testing of GSM equipment peripheral cards — A special hardware adapter and a PC equipped with I/O cards, QNX operating system, device drivers and application software.
- Distributed testing system — for electronic boards PIC 16F873 microcontroller, RS 485 bus, proprietary protocol.
- Multi-processor system for simulation of multiple Mediation Devices based on Q3 protocol stack — A 16 diskless peripheral processing units running pSos based software booting via Ethernet from a bootp server.
- High-speed synchronous link monitor equipment — special protocol analyser for custom serial buses.
- Test and calibration systems for on board avionics equipment — Avionic measurement system based on a PC equipped with ARINC 429 and MIL 1553 cards.
- Vehicle mounted equipment for in field test of Instrumental Landing Systems — based on industrial PC and data acquisition card.

PRISMA Engineering provides custom testing equipment for electronic and telecommunication systems. The Line Server Unit (LSU) family results from eight years of experience in the wireless telecom market.

The LSU is a building block for powerful testing systems addressed to GSM, GPRS and UMTS network elements. The basic function of LSU is to handle the physical layer and the lower levels of the communication protocol, and to export these services to a set of clients connected via LAN.

The LSU supports a growing number of protocol stack: LAPD, SS7, SCCOP, RLC/MAC, LLC, SNDCP, Frame Relay, Network Services, BSSGP, IP, GTP, and MAP... ...

The equipment is available in three versions that share the same basic architecture but provide scalable connectivity and processing power:

- Line Server Unit v3 Standard (LSUv3S)
- Line Server Unit Compact (LSUv3C)
- Line Server Unit Micro (LSUv3M)

The latest item of the LSU family system, the Line Server Unit v.3 (LSUv3), is the most powerful one which allows to simulate, via the PCM and STM-1 interfaces, most of the functions of GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS network elements in order to test real pieces of equipment.

The Line Server Unit v3 (LSUv3) is the integrated solution for the equipment test in GSM or GPRS and UMTS. The LSUv3 supports development and system test teams, acceptance test and field monitoring of Network Element operation. It is addressed to the Network Operators as well as to the manufactures of GSM or GPRS Network Elements.

The LSUv3 main features are: 

    • simulation of network elements;
    • user plan and control plan handling;
    • concurrent operation of multiple links;
    • real-time or off-line processing of logged data;
    • building block of test automation environment;
    • easy integration with other tools (e.g. Telelogic Tau);
    • great system flexibility and scalability; portable version available).

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