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Certificazione ISO 9001* Certificato n. 000000

ISO9001 certified

Associate Member of the GSM Association

The multidisciplinary know-how, in varied but often related fields, is the strength of the group. 
This enables it to develop projects that involve: 
  • Design and production of test systems and instruments for electronic devices, software systems and telecom equipment.
  • Hardware design and microprocessor boards development for various standard buses, cards for Personal Computer.
  • Firmware development for embedded systems with multitasking and real-time environments.
  • Software development of application programs for the control and supervision of equipments.
  • Data communication and networking solutions , with both Local Area (TCP/IP, OSI, Netware), and Geographical Networks (X.25,ISDN,GSM).
PRISMA Engineering S.r.l. collaborates with its customers by developing turnkey solutions, supplying professional consulting, or by means of technical assistance agreements. 

PRISMA Engineering S.r.l. counts among its customers leading companies in the telecommunication, industrial and service sectors 

        PRISMA Engineering S.r.l.
        Via Petrocchi 4
        20127 Milano 

        telephone: +39 02 26113507 
        fax: +39 02 26113597
Contact us: info@prisma-eng.it