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PRISMA Engineering S.r.l. is specialized in the development of client-server multi-platform applications, and in the design, installation and support of etherogeneous networks, where different computers and protocols are integrated. This allows IBM compatible PCs, Apple and UNIX to communicate, using the native networking protocols and functions of each operating system. 

When developing client-server applications in a LAN environment, the use of an universal protocol as TCP-IP guarantees the portability of the software (both client and server) to any platform, MS-DOS, UNIX or VMS. 

Prisma has developed many solutions for Wide Area Networks, for switched and dedicated lines, for the remote control of equipment and data collection, with hierarchical databases, fault tolerant protocols and error recovery. 

In the Computer Graphics and Electronic Typesetting market, where small networks produce high levels of traffic and where huge mass storage devices are required, we can suggest interesting and competitive solutions for the integration of Silicon Graphics, PC, MacIntosh and SUN workstations with Ethernet, ISDN or high speed networks. 
For years Prisma has developed not only client, but also serverapplications for communications, control and processing services. For databases, we have produced extremely competitive solutions, which also fit into limited size environments.

Contact us: info@prisma-eng.it