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Test generator based on Telelogic SDT(1)
(1)SDT is a registered trademark of Telelogic AB  Sweden


The integration between Telelogic SDT tool suite and LSU+ provides an innovative test solution for signalling interfaces of Telecommunication Equipment (GSM/UMTS).
This tool is the result of a successful cooperation between PRISMA Engineering S.r.l. and Telelogic Italia S.r.l. and OBJ System S.r.l.
LSU+ handles physical connections and protocol stacks, SDT allows to develop test sequences in a friendly graphic environment, using customised symbols and signals to implement the various test sequences. 


  • Adding graphic SDL programming to LSU+ protocol stacks;
  • User operation executed with meaningful SDL signals and sorts;
  • Available adaptation layers for all LSU+ protocol stacks;
  • Ideal environment for white box and entity test;
  • Full integration with the complete Telelogic SDT tool suite;
  • System simulator, MSC (Message flow diagram), SDL debugger;
  • Concurrent operation with all other LSU+ applications;
  • Mixing  SDL with C-code available for any special testing need;
  • Friendly environment that requires low training time;
  • Uniform approach to analysis, design and testing.


An application example:  GSM Abis Simulation

Real system layout

The simulated system (BTS & MS)

The software protocol structure

The LSU+ / SDT Adaptation Layer

The Adaptation Layer includes the decoding/encoding function that handles in centralized way the conversion from Abis binary strings to SDL signal with accompanying related data structures, with names aligned to the relevant specifications (i.e. Abis Interface, GSM 04.08). 
This conversion is performed with a library of functions that is generated automatically on the basis of a special grammar that describes the structure of the messages and the information elements.
The process is:

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Info: lsu@prisma-eng.it