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Decoded Message Logging

The Decoded Message Logging function can be used either for monitoring purpose, if it runs alone, or for testing purpose.

In the first case the LSU+ is considered a network element placed between two Network Element of which we want to observe the message exchange.The Decoded Message Logging function runs alone and it receives data from the two Network Elements with two SCCs.
This application can distinguish the both the head and the end of the frame in order to control its correctness without knowing the protocol type.

In the second case the LSU+ is connected to a Network Element and an application is simulating another Network Element. The Decoded Message Logging function is executed together with the simulation program. They are connected to the same SCC.
For each message a timestamp expressed in milliseconds is stored.

The Decoded Message Logging function can be executed in "live" mode - to display in real time the report of the traffic between the two entities - or it can be used to process a log file stored during a previous test session.

 For this application the minimum configuration includes: 

The Log server and client are included in the LSU+ Basic Software.
Real Time Frame Drop-Insert
  Abis Traffic Simulator

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