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LSU Applications 

Versione Italiana

The LSU family of test systems can be used as the basic building block for complex traffic simulator systems and for telecommunications equipment testing. The scope of utilization is very large, including support to new interface development, system integration, equipment load tests and acceptance tests.

Regarding signalling protocols, our system implements the lower layers of protocol stacks, the most demanding for processing power and real time response, and it interfaces via TCP sockets to applications that execute the upper protocol layers and the test procedures. These applications can reside both on the LSU and on other computers connected through a local area network. 

For the call data channels there are special applications that allow to generate, process, and monitor either 8 or 16 Kb/s compressed phonic flows  in conformity with the GSM standards.

Some interesting applications are: 

The multi-processor architecture together with the real time operating system allow several concurrent processes to run and different tests to be performed in parallel, it's possible for different teams to share the same instruments.

In the following pages you can find the descriptions of the software modules used to build these applications.

Info: lsu@prisma-eng.it