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PRISMA Engineering S.r.l. is in Milan, Italy. We develop software, firmware and we supply professional consulting for embedded systems, Personal Computers (PC) and Workstations in GSM, GPRS, Avionics and Automation fields. We work with QNX, DSP, DOS, Windows, Unix operating system and we also develop device drivers for serial communication protocols. We develop simulator of the GSM and GPRS networks elements like: BSC, BTS, SGSN, GGSN, MSC, HLR, VLR, SMLC. The interfaces beween them are: Abis, A, Gb, Gi, Gn, Lb, Iub, Iu, Iur Our simulators support the following protocols: LAPD, SS7, MTP, SCCP, frame relay, ns, BSSGP, TCP/IP, ATM, AAL2, AAL5 According to the GSM and ITU specifications We support also UMTS protocols: SSCOP, SSCF-UNI, ALCAP SCTP, ITUN, AAL2, AAL5 List of keywords for search engines: GSM, QNX, DSP, GPRS, programmi, programmazione, RLC, firmware, embedded, MAC, systems, sistemi, device drivers, Gb, Milano, Milan, Italia, Abis, A, Italy, development, sviluppo, gprs, professional consulting, SS7, consulenza, Gi, Umts, Abis, Personal Computers, PC, computer, A, Workstations, Workstation, DOS, Windows, Unix, Avionics, Avionica, Atm, AAL2, Automation, Automazione
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GSM system architecture 

Prisma Engineering S.r.l. has been in the field of GSM since 1992. We have provided both consulting services for the software development departments of various major telecommunications equipment manufacturers, and custom products development, particularly the simulation and validation of network element (BTS, BSC, TRAU, MSC) interfaces. 

Our expertise includes:  PCM lines interfaces LAPD/MTP/LAPB communication protocols  Fault tolerant systems, with internal redundancy  Operation and Maintenance based on CCITT object modeling  Network Element interfaces development, proprietary and standard (Abis, Asub, A, O)  Development of telecommunicationss systems  Remote control systems (RCMS, OMC)  New protocols interfaced with the GSM mobile network  Test automation systems for telecommunicationss Network elements 

GSM interfaces simulators 

Prisma Engineering S.r.l. has developed a family of simulators for GSM interfaces, which are used both for network element software development, and also for system testing. 

This simulator family is based on the Line Server Unit version 3 (LSUv3), which is a piece of test equipment developed to simulate the level 1 and 2 of the GSM signalling protocols and to provide the communication primitives at upper level to other host computer connected through a Local Area Network. 

By using the Line Server Unit v3, the standard CCITT primitives for layer to layer protocol interfaces are available on a TCP/IP LAN based client server software model. The software interface is based on the well known socket paradigm, and has been applied to various host computers. 

The product has a comprehensive C language s/w library. This allows client applications to be developed for Microsoft Windows, Linux, SUN Solaris and QNX operating systems. 

This new approach to simulation, based on open architecture in LAN, is clearly more powerful and flexible with respect to other existing protocol simulators, with closed and proprietary operational environment. 

Various software clients have been developed for the LSUv3, in order to simulate proprietary and standard interfaces, i.e. Abis, Asub. The simulations handle both the Call processing functions as well as the O&M messaging. 

By using the same client-server model, where the server consists of a protocol server, also a BSS system simulator has been developed to simulate an entire set of BSSs as seen from the O interface. This BSS simulator has been used to test the O interface and the OMC system. 

The use of flexible emulation/simulation systems enables not only the debug and validation of the network elements software, but also opens the doors to stress tests, which was previously only possible by using a large number of telecommunications units. 

Contact us: lsu@prisma-eng.it