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PRISMA Engineering S.r.l. is in Milan, Italy. We develop software, firmware and we supply professional consulting for embedded systems, Personal Computers (PC) and Workstations in GSM, GPRS, Avionics and Automation fields. We work with QNX, DSP, DOS, Windows, Unix operating system and we also develop device drivers for serial communication protocols. We develop simulator of the GSM and GPRS networks elements like: BSC, BTS, SGSN, GGSN, MSC, HLR, VLR, SMLC. The interfaces beween them are: Abis, A, Gb, Gi, Gn, Lb, Iub, Iu, Iur Our simulators support the following protocols: LAPD, SS7, MTP, SCCP, frame relay, ns, BSSGP, TCP/IP, ATM, AAL2, AAL5 According to the GSM and ITU specifications We support also UMTS protocols: SSCOP, SSCF-UNI, ALCAP SCTP, ITUN, AAL2, AAL5 List of keywords for search engines: GSM, QNX, DSP, GPRS, programmi, programmazione, RLC, firmware, embedded, MAC, systems, sistemi, device drivers, Gb, Milano, Milan, Italia, Abis, A, Italy, development, sviluppo, gprs, professional consulting, SS7, consulenza, Gi, Umts, Abis, Personal Computers, PC, computer, A, Workstations, Workstation, DOS, Windows, Unix, Avionics, Avionica, Atm, AAL2, Automation, Automazione
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The term "Embedded Systems" generically identifies microprocessor based electronic systems designed specifically for a certain application, often with a custom hardware platform. 

This area is very large and comprises systems of various types and dimensions, with different base processors (8/16/32 bit), operating systems, and with software complexity ranging from a few hundreds bytes to several megabytes of code. 

These systems can either operate autonomously or in connection with other conventional computers where the supervisory and monitoring functions typically reside. 

Development of embedded systems usually deals with the following problems: 

  • Software development when hardware is not yet reliable or even available 
  • Usage of proprietary operating system, or customized for the application 
  • Need for device drivers to handle non conventional hardware 
  • Multiprocessor architectures with process and device synchronization functions 
  • Restrictions in term of memory and/or processing power and/or development tools 
  • Need for professional skill at both the software and hardware level 
The main strength of our professional group is its diverse experience in several areas, and with different processors: 
  • Microcontrollers of  8051 family, Microchip PIC, Toshiba 870 
  • DSP Texas Instruments, Motorola 56k o 96k 
  • Intel Processors 8086, 80186, 80386, 80486, Pentium e derivatives. 
We can offer many ready to go solution. Depending on the size and the specific needs of the project, we can also develop software on a standard hardware platform, with the support of a conventional bus (STD-Bus, ISA, PC104, Multibus, VME). This may involve the integration of commercial cards with specially designed cards for the application. 

The software development is mainly in the "C" language, and partially in the assembly language of the target processor. It is very important for these systems to have a solid software structure with stand alone subsystem testing in a simulated environment before target deployment. This limits debugging and testing on the target platform during the product integration phase, thus reducing the high costs and operational restrictions usually related with embedded software development. 

The choice of Operating System depends on the hardware platform and the functional requirements of the application; we may offer either proprietary solutions, or the support of commercially available OS kernel like AMX, RTK or QNX

Contact us: info@prisma-eng.it