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Prisma Engineering S.r.l. has been working successfully in the DSP field since 1987, cooperating in projects for both the military avionics area, and civilapplications for the consumer and telecom markets. The common goal was to produce a very powerful numerical processing system for handling: 
  • Video images, Audio signals, Radar images. 
Our experience is well-established, especially with the following DSP families : 
  • Texas Instruments C54xx C62xx, Motorola 56Kx, Motorola 96Kx. 
We are available to build new applications or to collaborate in the development of : 
  • Firmware/Software for single or multiprocessors DSP systems. 
  • Hardware modules based of DSP technology. 
  • Complex embedded systems, for signal processing applications. 
Our product "DB56K1 DSP core engine" is a valid solution for this technology area. It consists of a very flexible electronic card build around a DSP 5600x. It can be used either as an autonomous component, inserted into a PC slot, or coupled with other twin units. 

DB56K1 is the right solution to a series of issues which we and our costumer have often encountered : 

  • The need of a ready to go system, which is easy to use, for developing and immediately experimenting with numerical algorithms, before the availability of the final hardware platform. 
  • The need of a sub-system for the DSP function as a component of a more complex system, where the number of planned units does not economically justify the hardware development of a custom DSP card. 
The need of a very flexible DSP hardware platform for experimenting with different solutions in high speed data communications. 

Contact us: info@prisma-eng.it