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PRISMA Engineering S.r.l. is in Milan, Italy. We develop software, firmware and we supply professional consulting for embedded systems, Personal Computers (PC) and Workstations in GSM, GPRS, Avionics and Automation fields. We work with QNX, DSP, DOS, Windows, Unix operating system and we also develop device drivers for serial communication protocols. We develop simulator of the GSM and GPRS networks elements like: BSC, BTS, SGSN, GGSN, MSC, HLR, VLR, SMLC. The interfaces beween them are: Abis, A, Gb, Gi, Gn, Lb, Iub, Iu, Iur Our simulators support the following protocols: LAPD, SS7, MTP, SCCP, frame relay, ns, BSSGP, TCP/IP, ATM, AAL2, AAL5 According to the GSM and ITU specifications We support also UMTS protocols: SSCOP, SSCF-UNI, ALCAP SCTP, ITUN, AAL2, AAL5 List of keywords for search engines: GSM, QNX, DSP, GPRS, programmi, programmazione, RLC, firmware, embedded, MAC, systems, sistemi, device drivers, Gb, Milano, Milan, Italia, Abis, A, Italy, development, sviluppo, gprs, professional consulting, SS7, consulenza, Gi, Umts, Abis, Personal Computers, PC, computer, A, Workstations, Workstation, DOS, Windows, Unix, Avionics, Avionica, Atm, AAL2, Automation, Automazione
Prisma Engineering S.r.l. has been developing, for several years, various software applications for DOS and Windows. These have ranged from accounts management to device drivers, and above all real-time multitasking applications for controlling the operation of equipment or plants, instrument or sensor interfacing, networking, data communications. 

The architecture of systems concerned with automation are in many cases an embedded system connected to a standard PC, with a DOS or WINDOWS program running for the control, supervisory and database functions and with a standard and user-friendly interface. Since we have been often concerned with non-standard peripherals, we havedevelopedseveral device drivers for DOS and WINDOWS, and we are therefore able to solve, in a short time, a wide spectrum of interfacing problem : 

  • Serial synchronous links for telecommunications (i.e. LAPD, LAPB, MTP) or avionics (i.e. ARINC429) protocols. 
  • Serial asynchronous links, based on 8250 or 8530 derivatives, IBM 2848 protocol, or proprietary solutions for communication with avionics equipment, machine tool, professional video-recorders (Betacam, Bvu) or other equipment. 
  • Modem management. 
  • GPIB (IEEE 488). 
  • Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog conversion. 
  • Digital I/O for state detection and contact switching. 
  • Complex digital interface for emulating proprietary buses, for example in test equipment. 
  • Image acquisition and processing systems. 
  • Smart Cards. 
  • I2C bus. 
  • PCMCIA cards. 
On the basis of a specific need, we are able to customize all firmware of a PC (the BIOS), possibly extended with silicon disk management (Flash EPROM and/or Battery powered RAM), and with standard keyboard handling built around an 8051 microcontroller. 

Contact us: info@prisma-eng.it