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PRISMA Engineering S.r.l. has accumulated a noteworthly experience in the development of products and sub-assemblies based on 8 and 16 bit microprocessors for cost sensitive markets and large scale production. Designing this kind of product requires special skills within the field of embedded systems design. 

The choice of optimal components and hardware/software integration are the most important aspects in obtaining a low product cost. But this must not be the only goal, it is also very important to avoid problems in production, such as those due to components with no second source or to critical tuning procedures. 
Battery operated devices pose a specific challenge, especially when the batteries operating life is a qualifying feature of the product and power consumption must remain in the microampere range; in this area can be used controllers with very low clock frequency and special analog topologies with extra low power consumption. 

The requirement of a low cost also pose severe limits in the available resources (such as memory), this makes efficient programming tecniques, and skilled programmers, a must in order to satisfy functional and cost specifications. 

The cost of post-sale problems in large scale products can be extremely high. An accurate test plan, worked out with a scientific method and suitable instrumentation, is vital in order to bring to the market a defect free product. 
Primary issues are functional testing and compliance with international standards for safety and electromagnetic combatibility. 

Very often a microprocessor board is used to control or substitute electro-mechanical componenets and other devices, in order to add new features or to reduce costs. 
For these problems a specific experience is also required, in order to solve, at low cost, electrical interface problems involving machines or sensors, and yet obtain the expected reliability and performances from the product. 

During its activities Prisma has undertaken several projects for big and small firms, involving consumer products and professional instruments. 

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