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PRISMA Engineering provides a set of hardware boards as building blocks of its test equipments. These boards are also available for OEM or customer specific needs and they are sold supported by device drivers for QNX or on request for other major operating systems.

The the last series of Compact PCI boards is also offered as part of an hardware and software platform for telecom equipment testing, called  Line Server Unit version 3.

E1/T1 16 cPCI card

E1 T1 16 cPCI

* 16 E1 or T1 line interfaces
* 16 HDLC controllers
* H.110 interface
* 2048 timeslot switch matrix
* 1-2-4 bit subchanneling support
* 32 bit Compact PCI
* Front status LEDs for each line
* Clock synchronisation from internal or external source
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E1/T1 LC ISA card


E1/T1 LC ISA card

* 4 E1 or T1 line interfaces
* D-phone Interface
* Enhanced MVIP bus interface
* Internal Switch matrix
* 16 Bits ISA Interface
* Clock synchronisation from internal or external source
* Optional high precision on board oscillator
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 ATM 155 PCM card

ATM 155 PCM Card

* STM-1/OC-3 Framer
* Electrical and optical interface
* High performance ATM SAR
* AAL0, AAL3/4, AAL5 support in hardware
* AAL1, AAL2 support in software
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HDLC 1024 cPCI card

HDLC 1024 cPCI card

* Up to 1024 HDLC
* Layer 2 support for several protocol (LAPB, LAPD, Frame Relay, SS7, ...)
* Transparent mode for specified framing requirements
* Per-channel protocol mode selection
* Standard Ds0 (64 kb/s), Sub-channelling (N x 8kb/s) or Hyper-channel (N x 64 kb/s) support
* Per-channel DMA buffer management
* H.110 interface and 2048 timeslot switch matrix
* 1-2-4 bit subchannelling support
* cPCI bus interface 32/64-bit, 33/66 MHz, high performance
* 4 optional D-phone devices
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HDLC 128 PCI card

HDLC 128 PCI card

* Up to 128 HDLC channels
* 8 - 2048 Kb/s channel bit rate 
* HDLC or transparent mode
* MVIP & SCSA bus interface
* 33 MHz PCI interface
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Each of these cards can be a powerful building block in a wide array of Computer Telephony applications. The Quality of our cards is assured by ISO9001 certification.

ISO9001 certified

Info: lsu@prisma-eng.it