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PRISMA Engineering S.r.l. is in Milan, Italy. We develop software, firmware and we supply professional consulting for embedded systems, Personal Computers (PC) and Workstations in GSM, GPRS, Avionics and Automation fields. We work with QNX, DSP, DOS, Windows, Unix operating system and we also develop device drivers for serial communication protocols. We develop simulator of the GSM and GPRS networks elements like: BSC, BTS, SGSN, GGSN, MSC, HLR, VLR, SMLC. The interfaces beween them are: Abis, A, Gb, Gi, Gn, Lb, Iub, Iu, Iur Our simulators support the following protocols: LAPD, SS7, MTP, SCCP, frame relay, ns, BSSGP, TCP/IP, ATM, AAL2, AAL5 According to the GSM and ITU specifications We support also UMTS protocols: SSCOP, SSCF-UNI, ALCAP SCTP, ITUN, AAL2, AAL5 List of keywords for search engines: GSM, QNX, DSP, GPRS, programmi, programmazione, RLC, firmware, embedded, MAC, systems, sistemi, device drivers, Gb, Milano, Milan, Italia, Abis, A, Italy, development, sviluppo, gprs, professional consulting, SS7, consulenza, Gi, Umts, Abis, Personal Computers, PC, computer, A, Workstations, Workstation, DOS, Windows, Unix, Avionics, Avionica, Atm, AAL2, Automation, Automazione
PRISMA Engineering S.r.l. was one of the first companies in Italy to design and develop turnkey solutions for the automation of machines, equipment or systems, based on PC hardware architecture, exploiting its low cost, high performance and great flexibility. 

On the basis of our professional competence in this sector, we can offer complete solution  for the automation of systems. This may include the design of hardware and the development of all software and firmware required for the application. 

In this context we are familiar with the following fields : 

  • Feasibility study and choice of optimal system architecture for the application. 
  • Selection of the best components both technically and economically. 
  • Development of hardware, if necessary or convenient. 
  • Development of firmware for the embedded systems. 
  • Development of software for the control, user interface and database functions. 
  • Project maintenance and technical support of production. 
Our experience is well defined on the following areas : 
  • Data acquisition systems. 
  • Control of measurement instrumentation. 
  • Interface with commercial factory control system to add specific functions. 
  • Process Control. 
  • Complete automation of machines or equipment. 
  • Data communication through standard or proprietary protocols. 
One of our company policies is not to carry out any commercial activity as product distributor in this field. This is in order to avoid any constraint in our design proposals, and to guarantee the maximum professional integrity of our technical choices related to the projects of our customers. 

 Contact us: info@prisma-eng.it